Rose Quartz GuaSha Stone

Rose Quartz GuaSha Stone

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Fourth Phase's Rose Quartz Crystal GuaSha stone (pronounced Guah-Shah) is a massage tool that originated as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is used to increase blood flood, remove blocked energy, and alleviate pain caused by muscle soreness.

beautifully polished stone is made out of rose quartz crystal, which is frequently called the Mothering Stone primarily for its ability to help one connect to the positive emotions of one's heart Chakra by opening areas that may be closed from fear, pain, disappointment, or unforgiveness. 

Use it to help release blocked energy and improve a continuous flow of milk during breastfeeding while promoting healthy lymphatic drainage. The gentle massage effect helps to reduce pain, tension, and stress, allowing you to remain calm and relaxed during feeding times. Its smooth surface provides an optimum gliding sensation that relaxes both the soft tissue of the breast area as well as the shoulders, neck, jaw, and other parts of the body. Use it on your or your baby's body for a soothing pamper-me moment. 

Our beautifully polished stone is made out of rose quartz crystal, a natural mineral found across the United States, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Germany.
Step 1: Rinse the stone under cool water and mentally set your intentions. Let air dry.

Step 2: Apply our CocoNip salve to your breasts.

Step 3: Point the GuaSha stone's two points toward your skin and massage breast toward nipple area.
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