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I'm Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo (left) and I'm Marcia Cole. We're the co-founders of Fourth Phase. We are two friends and former magazine and digital editors also known for our philanthropic work. View the timeline below to learn why we launched Fourth Phase, how we took this brand from conception to market, and read about our personal backgrounds. Thank you for supporting us on this journey to help mothers heal, feel, and be heard.



Fourth Phase's launch story
December 2016

Health Mission to Accra, Ghana

The idea for Fourth Phase was born during Nana’s annual charity mission to Ghana, West Africa. There, she witnessed the lack of postnatal attention being paid to new mothers in her homeland and vowed to do something about it. “So often we focus on the pregnancy and the health of the baby—which is of the utmost importance—but society typically neglects the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of new mothers," she explains. "Unfortunately, this happens to mothers across the world and it has to stop.”

December 2017

Maternity Go Box Launches

Nana returns to Ghana for her annual health fair and launches free postpartum "maternity go boxes" as an incentive for market women to attend Madina Polyclinic's Pregnancy School program at Kekele. The culturally relevant box included necessary health and hygiene supplies needed to support mothers and their newborns during the first weeks.

Fall 2018

Meeting of Minds

Marcia and Nana connected for a whiteboard session to discuss their respective philanthropic efforts. The previous year, Marcia launched a non profit that supported the delivery of sanitary napkins to homeless shelters, then launched a transformational coaching program that connected Certified Life Coaches, and salon and wellness professionals to family and men's shelters. She piloted the program in partnership with HelpUSA and Acacia Network in Brooklyn and Queens, New York.

The duo created roadmaps for their respective goals and parted ways with Marcia relocating to Arizona, and Nana taking the next steps to transform her gift box idea into a social-impact business.

January 2020

AHN Holdings, PBC Incorporates

AHN Holdings becomes a legal entity as a Public Benefit Corporation focused on maternal health with social impact built into its DNA.

June to July 2020

Middle of the Pandemic

During the 2020 pandemic, Marcia held a virtual fundraiser for salon professionals. Nana assisted and afterward Marcia asked about the status of Fourth Phase. Nana shared that she was stuck on developing the website and Marcia promised to help. As a former editor turned content marketing agency owner, this is what she had done for over 10 years. Helping her friend define her brand was within the scope of Marcia's talent and skill. She defined the visual branding, established the voice of the brand, set up the website, provided strategy for social media, and helped revise her pitch deck, which assisted in securing angel funding. Nana then asked Marcia to become her partner.

August to October 2020


Marcia and Nana began facilitating focus groups and spoke with over 200 moms, doulas, and ob-gyns to gather data about what mothers would have wanted to make life easier during their Fourth Trimester.

October to December 2020

Product Development

Using the data from the focus groups and armed with the healing herbal knowledge Marcia was studying at the time, they developed and tested formulations for postpartum-specific skincare products, milk supply teas, and found manufacturers to create and supply all the other products.

February 2021

Fourth Phase launches

Fourthphasebox.com's website launches selling a Vaginal Birth Box and a Belly Birth Box—each filled with products a new mother needs most to heal, feel, and be heard during her Fourth Trimester.



Nana is a dedicated social entrepreneur and humanitarian with a strong commitment to advocating for accessible healthcare for under-resourced women, children, and families. As the co-founder of Fourth Phase, she focuses on operations and our giving back program.

Nana’s road to co-founding Fourth Phase was paved over 10 years ago when she founded her non-profit, African Health Now (AHN), after her father's heart attack in Ghana. Dedicated to providing vital health information and services across Sub-Saharan Africa, AHN has serviced over 10k men, women, and children.

Prior to AHN, Nana had a successful background in media, having worked with prominent titles such as Honey, Suede, and Essence. And held positions at the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation and New York Mission Society. Her philanthropic efforts have been recognized globally. In 2017, Nana received the prestigious title of Humanitarian of the Year from the National Council of Ghanaian Associations, recognizing her impactful contributions. Additionally, her unwavering commitment to health advocacy was acknowledged with a New York State Senate Proclamation in 2016. Nana's dedication to humanitarian causes was further celebrated in 2009 when she was honored with the Andrew Heiskell Humanitarian Award by Time Inc. These accolades underscore Nana's profound commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Fluent in English and Twi, Nana balances her professional life with her role as a proud parent and enjoys DIY projects and HGTV in her spare time.


Marcia is a seasoned media and marketing executive, two-time founder, and former beauty and wellness editor with over 20 years of experience in content and brand development. As the co-founder of Fourth Phase, she oversees its marketing, branding, and storytelling.

Most recently, Marcia was the Director of Content for Canyon Ranch. Throughout her career in media, Marcia has held executive positions at AOL/Huffington Post, Time Inc., Essence, and Latina Media Ventures, overseeing the launch and revitalization of numerous media properties. Her freelance articles have been featured in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, The New York Post, Essence, InStyle Weddings, and Elle. In addition, she was a contributor to the award-winning book, Where Did Our Love Go? Love and Relationships In the African American Community (Agate).

Prior to Fourth Phase, Marcia was the founder of Ivy Digital, where she led social and digital media initiatives for L’Oreal, Mark Zuckerberg's Fwd.US, Iman Cosmetics, Ouidad, SiriusXM, African American Film Critics Awards (AAFCA), and others.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Marcia is deeply committed to personal, emotional, and spiritual development. She has coached over 300 professionals seeking to live intentionally and founded Passion Meets Purpose (PMP), a nonprofit providing essential services to individuals transitioning out of shelters.

Recognized for her contributions, Marcia has received prestigious awards such as the M.E.G. Grant, Woman of the Year, and the Young, Gifted & Black Award for Entrepreneurship. She is sought after as a speaker and moderator on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to career advancement and social media strategies.

A dedicated advocate for women in communications, Marcia served on the Board of New York Women in Communications for over 12 years and was an Assistant Transformational Coach at Momentum Education.

Currently, she is expanding her horizons as a holistic healer in training, delving into SunTao Philosophy, QiGong, Chakra Healing, and Sound Therapy, while also exploring culinary adventures through vegan and authentic Asian recipes.