1. What is Fourth Phase?
    Fourth Phase is a one for one social impact company that offers afterbirth care boxes for expectant mothers. We currently feature four boxes based on an expectant mother's birthing method and afterbirth need. We sell 4 boxes: A Vaginal Birth Box, a Belly Birth Box, an Every Birth Box when the birthing method is unknown, and a Mylk Box for lactation support. Each offering is filled with products that are Organic, free from phthalates, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced.

  2. How do you give back?
    For every purchase of a Fourth Phase Box and products allows us to donate 4% of sales so a culturally relevant afterbirth care products can be donated to new mamas in Sub-Saharan Africa, and unhoused mothers experiencing homelessness in the U.S. Donations are made via our charitable partnerships. Gifting a Fourth Phase afterbirth care box or product is the perfect way to show the new mother in your life some love, and connect her journey to a mother in need globally. 

  3. What is your mission?
    We want to change the face of postpartum. We have a goal to create a positive Fourth Trimester movement of strong mothers and fathers who know their self-worth and can feel completely confident in their new roles as a parent. We aim to empower and encourage mothers to heal, feel, and be heard--knowing and feeling that they are enough. 

  4. Are your products safe for mom and baby?
    Yes, all of the products inside the box are made with clean ingredients that are Organic, phthalate-free, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced. 

  5. What is the difference between the Vaginal and Belly Birth Box? 
    Our PeriSoother bottle is inside the Vaginal Birth Box, but not inside the Belly Birth Box. Likewise, our BellyBirthBalm is included inside the Belly Birth Box, but not inside the Vaginal Birth box.

  6. Do you have a C-section box option? 
    Yes, it’s called the Belly Birth box. 

  7. Why is it called a Belly Birth box? 
    We call the experience of a woman giving birth with surgical assistance a “belly birth” to help lessen the negative stigma often associated with C-sections. We believe Belly Births are as natural as vaginal births. Every mother’s goal is to deliver a happy, healthy child. And that healthy delivery is beautiful, by any means necessary. 

  8. Which box should I choose?
    Select a box that matches the new mom's birthing method. Or choose the Every Birth Box when the birthing method is unknown.

  9. Can I customize Fourth Phase?
    Not at this time. 

  10. Do you offer gift card? 
    Yes, we do. Click here.

  11. Is Fourth Phase available as a subscription service?
    Not at this time.

  12. Can I send Fourth Phase as a gift? 
    Absolutely! Fourth Phase is the perfect gift for new moms, especially since you get to give two gifts for the price of one. At checkout, enter the recipients shipping address and a personalized gift message. We will create as a handwritten note. A receipt will be emailed to you and we will not include a receipt in the box.  

  13. Do you offer gift wrapping?
    No. However, our boxes are designed and packed with gifting in mind. A personalized handwritten note can be added at checkout. 

  14. What is your shipping and return policy?
    Shipping: All orders are processed and shipped within 5-7 business days of receipt of payment via  USPS or UPS. Tracking numbers will be provided to you once the order is shipped. Place your orders with enough time to account for 1-5 business days after we’ve shipped your order for standard delivery by USPS or UPS. Although orders typically take 2-3 business days by USPS or UPS we do offer express shipping at checkout. Please note No refunds or cancellations will be offered if any orders are delivered later than expected due to delays in USPS or UPS shipping. 
    Returns: All sales are final and we do not offer returns on orders once processed. If an item has been damaged please contact us immediately (within 2 days of receipt) info@fourthphasebox.com, subject: DAMAGES.

  15. When should I place an order? 
    If shipping to yourself or directly to a new mom, then 3-4 weeks before her due date. If this is for a baby shower gift, we suggest ordering 1-2 weeks before the shower.

  16. How much is shipping?  
    Shipping is calculated at checkout, and varies by destination and shipping method (Standard vs. Express), and will be added to the bill. Boxes will ship from New Jersey. 

  17. Where do you currently ship? 
    Anywhere within the U.S. and Canada. Overseas is currently not available, but will be soon. 

  18. Can I place a bulk order? 
    Yes. For bulk orders please email us directly Founders@fourthphasebox.com subject: BULK ORDERS. 

  19. How can we collaborate to be in your box?
    We would love to learn more about your concept. Please email Founders@fourthphasebox.com, subject: PARTNERSHIPS. 

  20. I entered the wrong shipping information. Can you help? 
    Not a problem. Email us at info@fourthphasebox.com, subject: SHIPPING ERROR.

  21. How can I become a charitable partner with you?
    We are always looking for mission-centric partnerships. Please email Founders@fourthphasebox.com with more information about your organization, subject: CHARITABLE PARTNERS.

  22. I am a doula/midwife/ob-gyn, how can I join your advisory committee?
    We are always looking for like-minded experts committed to the well-being of new moms. Please email info@fourthphasebox.com with more information you and your work, subject: ADVISORY COUNCIL.


No problem, email us Founders@fourthphasebox.com and we will see respond within 48 hours.

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