Woman sitting and meditating
Dear Mama,
We know how important it is for you to focus on your mental wellbeing during this time. Your body is healing, you are adjusting to taking care of a new person, and you are the primary source of your baby's nourishment. Sometimes, that's depleting. So we invite you to download these affirmations created for you to recenter and reconnect within.

There are four affirmations, that are about 10 minutes each. We suggest repeating one daily for 21 days straight, before moving on to the next one. Notice how saying the affirmations make you feel. Jot down what you are feeling in your MindNotes journal and bear witness to your healing--mind, body and spirit.

These affirmations were created by our co-founder, Marcia Cole, to remind you of your strength, your resilience, your beauty and your absolute wholeness to help you on the days you don't feel any of these things. But one thing we know is that you are all of these things and more. You, dear mama, are more than enough.




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