Meet Two Women Fighting To Prove To The World That Black Moms' Lives Matter
Having a baby is generally touted as being one of the most momentous and enriching milestones in a woman’s life. The miracle of birth, and the sweet bundle of joy that results, conjure images of glowing mothers, flowing fashions, and juicy, adorable babies, all typically viewed through an ethereal, soft-focus lens. But as any mother already knows, there is one particular, less glamorous, very critical phase of pregnancy that hits women at their most vulnerable point.

Fourth Phase AfterBirth Care Box Provides Education And Support For The Often-Forgotten Postpartum Experience
For many expectant mothers, the period leading up to labor and delivery is among the most highly visible and celebrated times in their life. Marked by milestones like growing baby bumps, nursery registries and showers attended by family and friends, pregnancy is largely thought of by society as a time to rally around mothers-to-be with excitement, support and community. Sadly, this is not the case for many people.

'Fourth Trimester' Was Added to the Dictionary—Here's Why That Matters
To bring attention to maternal health and wellness, the company Fourth Phase petitioned for the term "fourth trimester" to be added to all dictionaries. Merriam-Webster dictionary recently announced the word is officially added. Here's why that's a win for parents.

Maternal company Fourth Phase is committed to helping mothers during their most critical motherhood phases

Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo and Marcia Cole, founders of the maternal health company Fourth Phase, joined us live to share how their company is helping mothers during their most critical phases of motherhood.

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