Fourth Phase FlaxPack

Fourth Phase FlaxPack

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Fourth Phase FlaxPack is a hot and cold compress, made with flaxseed and lavender, for belly births and lactation support.
Flax Seed: Kiss pain goodbye with this powerful ingredient. The high oil content of flax seeds creates a heat forcefield that maintains its temperature and keeps this pack warmer, or cooler, longer. This allows you to relax or fall asleep while wearing a pack and not have to worry about constantly re-warming. These packs can be used hot to relieve cramps, pain, strains, and other ailments. Cooling your pack helps ease inflammation on the skin or deep in the muscles.

Lavender Essential Oil:
This aromatherapy staple is excellent for relaxing the body and mind. The scent of lavender is long been thought to reduce stress and anxiety while assisting with emotional balance. Heating your FlaxPack releases the restorative powers of lavender that can boost memory and brain function or help mitigate aches and pains like headaches.
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