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    When a thong just won't suffice, Fourth Phase PostUndi postpartum boy shorts offer style, comfort, and extra support after childbirth. Post-birth...

    PeriSoother Peri Bottle

    Fourth Phase PeriSoother is the ultimate personal bidet created to take the painful zing out of urinating and wiping...


    Fourth Phase MindNotes is your postpartum journal designed to help you navigate the transition of giving birth and becoming...


    Fourth Phase BellyWrap is designed to cradle your core and back after giving birth. The custom of wrapping or...


    Fourth Phase BellyBirthBalm is crafted with certified organic ingredients, each specifically chosen and recommended by herbalists and mamas around...

What Moms Are Saying

Trish O.

Beautiful, practical, healing! My sister-in-law gifted me this box while expecting my first baby. I would have been lost without it! It is full of practical, well chosen, quality items. I used every single thing with joy. (Still working on the body oil and my baby is now 15 months!) Thank you for making this product.

Sarah S.

I opened this box and cried. This is the most thoughtful gift I have ever received!! I wished this box was available when I had my first child! It's so thoroughly connected to what new mamas need. THANK YOU!!


Everything You Need & More! I learned of this company through a podcast, and I am so thankful I did. As a mom of 3, I appreciate that this box exists and that postpartum is being redefined. It was awesome to have all of these lovely products at my reach after the birth of my child. This company provides quality products and top notch customer service.


A must have! This was a gift from a friend, and oh what a wonderful gift it is. It helped tremendously in my fourth trimester, post c-section. The RestoreMe Elixir is my fav. Helped a lot when I was in the thick of baby blues. Will start ordering this for new mums.

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